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“Maxi Parrots is the only reliable place to find a new feathered friend! I recently bought an African Grey Parrot from them and he is a precious little gift in my son’s life. Gaspy is a healthy and vibrant, hilarious clown and I am grateful to have found people who understand birds. I would recommend their birds to anyone interested in parrots as pets; I feel even more confident knowing I can contact them at any time if I have questions. My son is now so happy since I got it for his birthday “

Janette Cruzper (August 12, 2018 - New York,USA)


After much searching in Pet stores & searching the internet for a hand reared Macaw Parrot, we finally found Maxi Parrots and finding Hellen My Hyacinth Macaw was a dream come true as I knew exactly what I wanted, as I also have young children in the house and needed a Parrot that was good with all ages and friendly towards every one (unlike my mother!!). “

Nelly Frickman(September 20, 2018 - Georgia,USA)​


I have been thinking of how to improve and boast my business. I found Maxi Parrots and got a pair of Scarlets and now my business has improved tremendously,I now make more sales than before as many customers now visit my store to buy with a second intention that they want to talk and play with my scarlet macaws. Oh, I am so happy and excited that I am now making more sales and more money and I am happy owning this gorgeous feathered friends. I recommend them, contact them and they will not disappoint you. 

Solang Prak (September 28, 2018 - California,USA)


I am Janette Coll I live in I live in Louisiana. My husband and I were very were looking for a breeder to purchase a macaw and we found Maxi Parrots where they welcomed us and we bought a blue and gold macaw. I am so happy that I now have a pet friend. I call the bird Randy. “

Linda Coll (December 05, 2018 - Louisiana,USA)

This is the double yellow yellow i got from you. I sent this pic cuz this is what he loves so much; take his bath. My vet was extremely impressed with the care and the socialization that the parrot had received while living with you. If you are looking for a healthy well adjusted beautiful parrot then you have found the breeder to buy from. Thank you so much we love him.. ”

Kevin Adelman (December 17,2018 -Ontario,Canada)

Thank you very much for helping me start up my own bird parrot farm here in UAE. With your affordable prices and your breeding ideas i managed to come up with my own parrot farm and i can only say Allah should bless you. ”

AL Ahmed Mohammed(December 28,2018 -Dubai,UAE)


This is Larry my Blue and Gold macaw, we ordered him fron Maxi Parrots, he loves my family and we are all happy to have him. thanks Max

Annette Suzi(January 17,2019 -London,United Kingdom)


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Maxi Parrots is a family-run Model Aviculture Program (MAP) certified parrot breeder. Maxi Parrots was established in 2015. Maxi Parrots now has over 50 employees with a network of people who all share a passion for the beautiful birds. We are headquartered in California and operate all over the World. We always welcome people who are passionate about parrots. We are also proud members of the American Federation of Aviculture.


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