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Eclectus Babies for Sale

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The baby parrots of Solely Solomon Aviaries are hand-fed for three months until weaned and eating vegetables. This makes them exceptionally friendly and very affectionate pets for you and your family. Pick your favorite colors from stunning green, turquoise and red under it’s wings for the  males or a beautiful blue, red and purple female.


The eclectus parrot is a parrot native to the Solomon Islands, Sumba, New Guinea and nearby islands, northeastern Australia, and the Maluku Islands.Our babies are very healthy and lovely,also love to be around kids.

Our birds come with toys, cage, food, manuals and all documents. Delivery takes 24 hours or more by air depending on where you are located.

1 review for Eclectus Babies for Sale

  1. Davis Mikel

    You guys are the best and thanks for the Eclectus parrot.

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