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Here at Maxi Parrots, we reach a network of millions of active users, who are proud to proclaim trust and satisfaction over the years. If you are looking for parrots for sale in the US, then you are at the right place, email or call us to buy hand-reared parrots such as; African Grey, Macaw, Sun Conure, Quakers, Cockatoo, and Amazon

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We reflect spectacular efficiency in the sales of our birds online. We also carry out door-steps delivery.

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“As each day goes by, we get more and more attached and pleased with Pearl. She lets all three of us pick her up and carry her around. I am still her favorite though. She is starting to talk and is trying to laugh. She also is trying to mimic one of our dog’s bark. She likes to snuggle in the evening, and really enjoys my attempts at Karaoke singing. If we are out of the room from her for a few minutes and she knows we are in the house, she will come looking for us. We love this bird and are really enjoying her. When searching parrots for sale online, I think is the most difficult choice to make is to choose the right breeder and I’m glad we did.”

“I can’t speak highly enough about our experience. They always responded promptly, we received updated pictures of our growing African Grey. We had never had a pet shipped before and we were made to feel very comfortable throughout our whole process. We have look parrots for sale on the internet for a very long time. We’ve had other birds hand raised and I can honestly tell you, this bird has been the sweetest and easiest to handle. You can tell they socialized her and loved her very much! I would highly recommend Maxi Parrots to anyone interested in a feathered friend! Thank you all so much!!”

Purchasing Paco, our blue and gold macaw from Maxi Parrots was a wonderful experience. Not only did we get a GREAT bird but discovered a real friend. Maxi Parrots puts their heart and soul into raising their babies and that has blessed us with a well-adjusted, wonderful bird. I have called Maxi Parrots numerous times since we brought Paco home and he always has the answers that we need even when it comes to our other birds. We are thrilled with our entire Maxi Parrots experience!!!”

“Hello dear people of Maxi Parrots, Nigel is doing really well. All the other birds like him. He seems to be trying to talk and his voice is so cute. He loves his toys. He takes showers with me and seems to like being wet. He eats everything I offer him. I also wanted to let you know how easy it was to get him from the airport. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Thanks! We are having fun!”

Kika is such a lover!! anyone can take her out & she immediately extends her neck for a kiss. Tango is really talking more. It’s funny. Not only does he say ‘step up’ but now he clearly says ‘Stop it’, ‘Zip it’ and ‘no’”. It’s so funny when the other birds start making noise, Tango goes ‘Stop it’ or ‘Zip it’. He just started telling Kika ‘No’ and to ‘Stop it’ when she gets noisy. He’s still the noisiest of all though.”